NRS 278.813
Ordinances, rules and regulations

  • general and regional standards.


The governing body shall adopt all necessary ordinances, rules, regulations and policies to effectuate the adopted regional plan. Every such ordinance, rule or regulation must establish a minimum standard applicable throughout the region, and any political subdivision may adopt and enforce an equal or higher standard applicable to the same subject of regulation in its territory.


The regulations must contain general, regional standards, including but not limited to the following:


Water purity and clarity;






Tree removal;


Disposal of solid waste;


Sewage disposal;


Landfills, excavations, cuts and grading;


Piers, harbors, breakwaters, channels and other shoreline developments;


Waste disposal in shoreline areas;


Waste disposal from boats;


Mobile home parks;


House relocation;


Outdoor advertising;


Protection of floodplains;


Protection of soil and control of sedimentation;


Air pollution; and


Watershed protection.


Whenever possible without diminishing the effectiveness of the regional plan, the ordinances, rules, regulations and policies shall be confined to matters which are general and regional in application, leaving to the jurisdiction of the respective counties and cities the enactment of specific and local ordinances, rules, regulations and policies which conform to the regional plan.

Source: Section 278.813 — Ordinances, rules and regulations; general and regional standards., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-278.­html#NRS278Sec813.

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