NRS 278.466
Form and contents of parcel map

  • reference to parcel number and recording.


The parcel map must be legibly drawn in permanent black ink on tracing cloth or produced by the use of other materials of a permanent nature generally used for that purpose in the engineering profession. Affidavits, certificates and acknowledgments must be legibly stamped or printed upon the map with permanent black ink. The size of each sheet must be 24 by 32 inches. A marginal line must be drawn completely around each sheet, leaving an entirely blank margin of 1 inch at the top, bottom and right edges, and of 2 inches at the left edge along the 24-inch dimension.


A parcel map must indicate the owner of any adjoining land, or any right-of-way if owned by the person dividing the land.


A parcel map must show:


The area of each parcel or lot and the total area of the land to be divided in the following manner:


In acres, calculated to the nearest one-hundredth of an acre, if the area is 2 acres or more; or


In square feet if the area is less than 2 acres.


All monuments found, set, reset, replaced or removed, describing their kind, size and location and giving other data relating thereto.


Bearing or witness monuments, the basis of bearings, bearing and length of lines and the scale of the map.


The name and legal designation of the tract or grant in which the survey is located and any ties to adjoining tracts.


Any easements granted or dedications made.


Any other data necessary for the intelligent interpretation of the various items and locations of the points, lines and area shown.


A parcel map must include:


The memorandum of oaths described in NRS 625.320.


The certificate of the surveyor required pursuant to NRS 278.375.


The certificate of the Division of Water Resources of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources issued pursuant to NRS 278.461, if any.


The signature of each owner of the land to be divided.


A governing body may by local ordinance require a parcel map to include:


A report from a title company which lists the names of:


Each owner of record of the land to be divided; and


Each holder of record of a security interest in the land to be divided,
Ê if the security interest was created by a mortgage or a deed of trust.


The written consent of each holder of record of a security interest listed pursuant to subparagraph (2) of paragraph (a) to the preparation and recordation of the parcel map. A holder of record of a security interest may consent by signing:


The parcel map; or


A separate document that is recorded with the parcel map and declares his or her consent to the division of land, if the map contains a notation that a separate document has been recorded to this effect.


If the requirement for a parcel map is waived, the governing body may specify by local ordinance the type and extent of information or mapping necessary for the division of land.


Reference to the parcel number and recording data of a recorded parcel map is a complete legal description of the land contained in the parcel.

Source: Section 278.466 — Form and contents of parcel map; reference to parcel number and recording., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-278.­html#NRS278Sec466.

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