Nevada Cooperative Agreements by Public Agencies; Regional Transportation Commissions; Planning and Zoning; Development and Redevelopment

Sec. § 278.335
Review of tentative map by agencies of State; reviews and inspections by district board of health.


A copy of the tentative map must be forwarded by the planning commission or its designated representative, or if there is no planning commission, the clerk or other designated representative of the governing body, for review to:


The Division of Water Resources and the Division of Environmental Protection of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources;


The district board of health acting for the Division of Environmental Protection pursuant to subsection 2; and


If the subdivision is subject to the provisions of NRS 704.6672, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.


In a county whose population is 100,000 or more, if the county and one or more incorporated cities in the county have established a district board of health, the authority of the Division of Environmental Protection to review and certify proposed subdivisions and to conduct construction or installation inspections must be exercised by the district board of health.


A district board of health which conducts reviews and inspections under this section shall consider all the requirements of the law concerning sewage disposal, water pollution, water quality and water supply facilities. At least four times annually, the district board of health shall notify the Division of Environmental Protection which subdivisions met these requirements of law and have been certified by the district board of health.


The State is not chargeable with any expense incurred by a district board of health acting pursuant to this section.


Each reviewing agency shall, within 15 days after the receipt of the tentative map, file its written comments with the planning commission or the governing body recommending approval, conditional approval or disapproval and stating the reasons therefor.

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