NRS 269.260
Ex officio fire wardens: Appointment

  • duties.


The police officers appointed under the provisions of NRS 269.240 are ex officio fire wardens of the unincorporated towns for which they are acting as police officers.


The fire wardens shall:


In the daytime, examine all houses, buildings or superstructures within the town where they are acting as fire wardens and police officers, and ascertain from personal examination the condition of all the chimneys, stovepipes, stoves, flues, ranges, grates, furnaces or other articles, or anything used in the houses, buildings or superstructures in which to hold fire or to conduct the smoke from any fire.


When any of the articles or fixtures mentioned in paragraph (a) are found to be so defective in make or material, or so situated as to endanger any of the property of the town, or the property of any of the inhabitants thereof, to loss from fire by or on account of any of the defects, notify in writing the owner or occupant of the house, building or superstructure where such defective chimney, flue, stovepipe or other article is situated to repair it, so as to prevent danger from fire to the property in the town.


Direct the manner in which the repairs required by the provisions of paragraph (b) must be made.


Under the direction of the chief engineer of the fire department, where there is one, and where there is no chief engineer of a fire department in a town, then under the direction of the town board or board of county commissioners, examine streets, alleys, outlots and the surrounding of houses and buildings in the town where they are acting as fire wardens, and direct the removal, by the owner of the premises, of any inflammable matter or material found thereon.


Generally, perform such duties as directed by the town board or board of county commissioners or the chief of the fire department in the town, to protect fully the property of the town from loss by conflagration.

Source: Section 269.260 — Ex officio fire wardens: Appointment; duties., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-269.­html#NRS269Sec260.

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