Nevada Counties and Townships: Formation, Government and Officers
Sec. § 249.030


The board of county commissioners shall, on or before the first Monday in September preceding the election of the county treasurer, and at any other time when the funds are to be substantially increased, prescribe the amount in which the county treasurer must execute an official bond. The bond and sureties of the county treasurer must, before the bond can be recorded and filed, be approved by a judge of the district court. All persons offered as sureties on the bond may be examined on oath touching their qualifications, and no person can be admitted as surety on any such bond unless the person is a resident and freeholder or householder within the State, and is worth in real or personal property, or both, situate in this state, the amount of his or her undertaking, over and above all sums for which he or she is already liable, exclusive of property exempt from execution and forced sale.


The bond shall be:


Recorded in the office of the county recorder and then filed and kept in the office of the county clerk.


Conditioned that all moneys received by the county treasurer for the use of the county shall be paid as the board of county commissioners shall from time to time direct, except where special provision is made by law for the payment of such moneys, by order of any court, or otherwise, and for the faithful discharge of his or her duties.


Nothing in this section shall be deemed or construed to prevent the county treasurer from giving a surety company bond in the manner prescribed by law.
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