NRS 232.610
Administrator: Appointment

  • classification
  • restrictions on other employment
  • qualifications
  • prohibited interests and positions.

The Administrator:


Is appointed by, is responsible to and serves at the pleasure of the Director.


Is in the unclassified service of the State.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 284.143, shall not engage in any other gainful employment or occupation.


Must have responsible administrative experience in public or business administration or possess broad management skills in areas related to the functions of the Division.


Must have the demonstrated ability to administer a major public agency in the field of industrial relations. The Administrator’s knowledge and abilities must include:


A comprehensive knowledge of administrative principles and a working knowledge of broad principles relating to the subject matters under his or her administrative direction;


An administrative ability to assess the adequacy of agency operations and the protection of the public interest as related to the subject fields; and


An ability to organize and present oral and written communication to the Governor, the Legislature and other pertinent officials or other persons.


Must possess a background which indicates that he or she can impartially serve the interests of both employees and employers.


Must not, at the time of appointment or at any time during his or her term of office:


Be an officer, director or employee, or have any personal or private interest in any operating mine, mill, smelter or ore reduction plant or the products thereof;


Hold, directly or indirectly, any financial interest in any company, partnership, organization or corporation or subsidiary of a corporation, which owns, operates or has a financial interest in any mines which are subject to the provisions of chapter 512 of NRS; or


Be an officer or employee of any labor organization.

Source: Section 232.610 — Administrator: Appointment; classification; restrictions on other employment; qualifications; prohibited interests and positions., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-232.­html#NRS232Sec610.

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