NRS 232.4968

The Council on Food Security created by NRS 232.4966 shall:


Develop, coordinate and implement a food system that will:


Partner with initiatives in economic development and social determinants of health;


Increase access to improved food resource programs;


Increase participation in federal nutrition programs by eligible households; and


Increase capacity to produce, process, distribute and purchase food in an affordable and sustainable manner.


Hold public hearings to receive public comment and to discuss issues related to food security in this State.


Serve as a clearinghouse for the review and approval of any events or projects initiated in the name of the Plan.


Review and comment on any proposed federal, state or local legislation and regulation that would affect the food policy system of this State.


Advise and inform the Governor on the food policy of this State.


Review grant proposals and alternative funding sources as requested by the Director to provide recommendations for funding the Plan.


Develop new resources related to the Plan.


Advise, assist and make recommendations to the Director for the creation and administration of the Program.


On or before January 31 of each year submit an annual report to the Director and the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau concerning the accomplishments and recommendations of the Council concerning food security.
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Feb. 5, 2021

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