Nevada State Executive Department
Sec. § 226.050
Commission; oath; bond.

The State Treasurer shall be commissioned by the Governor, but before such commission shall issue and before entering upon the duties of office, the State Treasurer shall:


Take the oath of office prescribed by law, to be endorsed upon his or her commission; and


Execute and deliver to the Governor a bond, payable to the State, in an amount which shall be determined by the State Board of Examiners, conditioned for the faithful performance of all duties which may be required of the State Treasurer by law and for the delivery by him or her to his or her successor of all books, papers, records, moneys, vouchers, sureties, funds and securities, evidences of debt, and effects belonging to his or her office or to the State of Nevada. The official bond shall be executed by a surety company or companies authorized to do business in the State of Nevada.
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