Nevada State Legislative Department
Sec. § 220.120
Compilation, organization, revision and publication of NRS: Form and style; numbering and arrangement; inclusion of notes and reference materials; changes and corrections; legal effect of renumbering; resolution of nonsubstantive conflicts between multiple laws.


In preparing the annotations and keeping Nevada Revised Statutes current, the Legislative Counsel is authorized:


To adopt such system of numbering as the Legislative Counsel deems practical.


To cause the revision to be published in a number of volumes deemed convenient.


To cause the volumes to be bound in loose-leaf binders of good, and so far as possible, permanent quality.


The pages of Nevada Revised Statutes must conform in size and printing style to the pages of the Statutes of Nevada, and roman style type must be used.


The Legislative Counsel shall classify and arrange the entire body of statute laws in logical order throughout the volumes, the arrangement to be such as will enable subjects of a kindred nature to be placed under one general head, with necessary cross references.


Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court, historical references and other material must be printed and arranged in such manner as the Legislative Counsel finds will promote the usefulness thereof.


The Legislative Counsel in keeping Nevada Revised Statutes current shall not alter the sense, meaning or effect of any legislative act, but may renumber sections and parts of sections thereof, change the wording of headnotes, rearrange sections, change reference numbers or words to agree with renumbered chapters or sections, substitute the word chapter for article and the like, substitute figures for written words and vice versa, change capitalization for the purpose of uniformity, correct inaccurate references to the titles of officers, the names of departments or other agencies of the State, local governments, or the Federal Government, and such other name changes as are necessary to be consistent with the laws of this state and correct manifest clerical or typographical errors.


The Legislative Counsel may:


Create new titles, chapters and sections of Nevada Revised Statutes, or otherwise revise the title, chapter and sectional organization of Nevada Revised Statutes, all as may be required from time to time, to effectuate the orderly and logical arrangement of the statutes. Any new titles, chapters, sections and organizational revisions have the same force and effect as the 58 titles originally enacted and designated as the Nevada Revised Statutes pursuant to chapter 2, Statutes of Nevada 1957.


Add, revise, move or remove nonsubstantive definitions in titles, chapters and sections of Nevada Revised Statutes to effectuate the orderly and logical arrangement of the statutes, improve readability or reduce repetitious or lengthy words or phrases.


If the Legislative Counsel renumbers any section of Nevada Revised Statutes because the section has been moved, divided or combined with another section during the reorganization of the statutes or for any other reason, the citation to the previously assigned number in any legal document, publication, signage or in any other place shall be deemed to have the same meaning and legal effect as if the citation were to the new number, regardless of how long it has been since the new number was assigned and regardless of any revisions made to the section after the assignment of the new number, unless another intent is otherwise specified.


The Legislative Counsel shall assign NRS numbers to such new permanent and general laws enacted at any regular or special session.


The Legislative Counsel shall resolve all nonsubstantive conflicts between multiple laws enacted at any regular or special session as if made by a single enactment. If multiple amendments to a single section of NRS are made during a regular or special session, such amendments are all effective and must be compiled in a manner that is consistent with the intent of the Legislature as determined by the Legislative Counsel.


The Legislative Counsel shall substitute the name of any agency, officer or instrumentality of the State or of a political subdivision whose name is changed by law or to which powers, duties and responsibilities have been transferred by law, for the name which the agency, officer or instrumentality previously used or which was previously vested with the same powers and charged with the same duties and responsibilities.
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