Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 22.020
Reentry on real property after ejectment by judgment or process.

Every person dispossessed of or ejected from any real property by the judgment or process of any court of competent jurisdiction, and who, not having a right so to do, reenters into or upon or takes possession of any such real property, or induces or procures any person not having a right so to do, or aids or abets the person therein, is guilty of a contempt of the court by which such judgment was rendered or from which such process issued, and shall be tried and punished therefor in the same manner and form as provided by law in cases of contempt not committed in the presence of the court or justice of the peace. Upon conviction for such contempt, the court or justice of the peace shall immediately issue an alias process directing the proper officer to restore possession to the party entitled to the property under the original judgment, decree or process.

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