Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.270
Examination of judgment debtor.


A judgment creditor, at any time after the judgment is entered, is entitled to an order from the judge of the court requiring the judgment debtor to appear and answer upon oath or affirmation concerning his or her property, before:


The judge or a master appointed by the judge; or


An attorney representing the judgment creditor,
Ê at a time and place specified in the order. No judgment debtor may be required to appear outside the county in which the judgment debtor resides.


If the judgment debtor is required to appear before any person other than a judge or master:


The oath or affirmation of the judgment debtor must be administered by a notary public; and


The proceedings must be transcribed by a court reporter or recorded electronically. The transcript or recording must be preserved for 2 years.


A judgment debtor who is regularly served with an order issued pursuant to this section, and who fails to appear at the time and place specified in the order, may be punished for contempt by the judge issuing the order.

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