Nevada Crimes and Punishments

Sec. § 207.415
Account for Prosecution of Racketeering created; use and distribution of money by Attorney General; reimbursement of Account.


The Account for the Prosecution of Racketeering is hereby created within the Attorney General’s Special Fund created pursuant to NRS 228.096. Any amount of the balance in the Account in excess of $50,000 must be deposited in the State General Fund.


The Attorney General shall use the money in the Account to pay the expenses involved in the investigation of racketeering activity and any civil action or criminal prosecution related thereto. The Attorney General may distribute money in the Account to other law enforcement agencies in this State for similar use. To the extent possible, each agency receiving money from the Account shall reimburse the Account with money it obtains as a result of a forfeiture or settlement which arises from any civil action or criminal prosecution related to racketeering activity. Each such agency shall also deposit in the Account an amount equal to 10 percent of the actual value of any other proceeds or property obtained in the forfeiture or settlement.

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