Nevada Crimes and Punishments

Sec. § 206.335
Carrying graffiti implement at certain locations with intent to vandalize, place graffiti on or deface property.


Any person who carries on his or her person a graffiti implement with the intent to vandalize, place graffiti on or otherwise deface public or private property, real or personal, of another:


While on or under any overpass or bridge or in any flood channel;


At any public facility, community center, park, playground, swimming pool, transportation facility, beach or recreational area whereon a sign is posted in a location reasonably expected to be viewed by the public which states that it is a misdemeanor to possess a graffiti implement at that public location without valid authorization; or


In a public transportation vehicle wherein a sign is posted that is easily viewed by passengers which states that it is a misdemeanor to possess a graffiti implement in the vehicle without valid authorization,
Ê is guilty of a misdemeanor unless the person has first received valid authorization from the governmental entity which has jurisdiction over the public area or other person who is designated to provide such authorization.


As used in this section:


“Broad-tipped indelible marker” means any felt-tipped marker or similar implement which contains a fluid that is not soluble in water and which has a flat or angled writing surface of a width of one-half inch or greater.


“Graffiti implement” means any broad-tipped indelible marker, aerosol paint container, carbide-tipped instrument or other item that may be used to:


Propel or apply any substance that is not soluble in water; or


Etch or deface property.


“Public transportation vehicle” means a bus, train or other vehicle or instrumentality used to transport persons from a transportation facility to another location.


“Transportation facility” means an airport, marina, bus terminal, train station, bus stop or other facility where a person may go to obtain transportation.

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