Nevada Crimes and Punishments

Sec. § 205.274
Injuring or tampering with vehicle; penalties.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 487.0385, any person who shall individually or in association with one or more other persons willfully break, injure, tamper with or remove any part or parts of any vehicle for the purpose of injuring, defacing or destroying such vehicle, or temporarily or permanently preventing its useful operation, or for any purpose against the will or without the consent of the owner of such vehicle, or who shall in any manner willfully or maliciously interfere with or prevent the running or operation of such vehicle, shall be guilty of a public offense proportionate to the value of the loss resulting therefrom.


Any person who shall without the consent of the owner or person in charge of a vehicle climb into or upon such vehicle with the intent to commit any crime, malicious mischief, or injury thereto, or who while a vehicle is at rest and unattended shall attempt to manipulate any of the levers, starting crank or other starting device, brakes or other mechanism thereof, or to set such vehicle in motion, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; but the foregoing provisions shall not apply when any such act is done in an emergency in furtherance of public safety or convenience or by or under the direction of an officer in the regulation of traffic or performance of any other official duty.

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