Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 2.340
Advance sheets: Publication.


The State Printer shall furnish the reporters of decisions with proof sheets for their verification and correction before publication in permanent form. The State Printer then shall print immediately each complete Supreme Court decision and Court of Appeals decision in pamphlet form and shall furnish the Clerk of the Supreme Court with as many pamphlet copies of each decision as the Clerk determines are necessary for distribution to licensed attorneys, or any person mentioned in NRS 2.345, or for his or her use and the use of the justices of the Supreme Court and the judges of the Court of Appeals. Each decision must be printed and pamphlet copies returned to the Clerk of the Supreme Court within 14 days, not including the day of delivery, after the decision has been furnished to the State Printer by the Clerk of the Court. For good cause shown, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may extend the time within which the decision or decisions may be published.


At the time of delivering the copy of any decision to the State Printer pursuant to the provisions of NRS 2.320, which must be immediately after the decision is filed, the Clerk of the Supreme Court shall take a receipt for the decision. The receipt must set forth the date of delivery and the title and number of the case.

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