Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 2.065
Retirement because of incapacity, disability or advanced age.


A justice of the Supreme Court who has served as a justice, judge of the Court of Appeals or as a district judge in any one or more courts for a period or periods aggregating 5 years or more and who becomes permanently incapacitated, physically or mentally, to perform the duties of office may retire from office regardless of age.


Any justice who retires pursuant to the provisions of subsection 1 or who is retired because of advanced age or mental or physical disability pursuant to Section 21 of Article 6 of the Constitution of the State of Nevada is entitled to receive annually from the State of Nevada, as a pension during the remainder of his or her life, the same pension the justice would receive under NRS 2.060 based on his or her years of service, but without regard to his or her age.


Any justice, or a guardian of a justice on behalf of the justice if the justice is unable to act, who desires to retire voluntarily must give notice in writing to the Governor. The Governor shall appoint three physicians licensed to practice medicine in the State of Nevada to examine the justice and report the results to the Governor in writing. If a majority of the physicians is of the opinion that the justice is permanently incapacitated, physically or mentally, the Governor shall approve the retirement. The justice or a guardian of the justice must file with the Executive Officer of the Public Employees’ Retirement Board an affidavit setting forth the fact of the justice’s retirement and the years he or she has served in either or both of such courts.


Pensions payable pursuant to this section must be paid in the same manner as pensions are payable under NRS 2.060. Fees and expenses of physicians appointed pursuant to this section must be paid out of funds from the Judicial Retirement Administrative Fund established pursuant to NRS 1A.200.


The faith of the State of Nevada is hereby pledged that this section will not be repealed or amended so as to affect adversely any justice who may have retired or been retired pursuant to its provisions.

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