Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1A.190
Transfer of unpaid check for benefits or refund to Judicial Retirement Fund; claim for payment of money; period of limitation.


Any check for benefits which has not been paid within 5 years after being transferred to the Account for Unclaimed Benefits must be transferred to the Judicial Retirement Fund.


If, within 6 years after a check for benefits has been transferred pursuant to subsection 1, any person appears and claims the money, the claimant may file a petition in the District Court for Carson City stating the nature of the claim, with an appropriate prayer for the relief demanded. A copy of the petition must be served upon the Attorney General before or at the time it is filed. Within 20 days after service, the Attorney General shall appear in the proceeding and respond to the petition. If, after examining all the facts, the Attorney General is convinced that the System has no legal defense against the petition, the Attorney General may, with the consent of the Court, confess judgment on behalf of the System.


If judgment is not confessed, the petition must be considered at issue on the 20th day after its filing, and may be heard by the Court on that day, or at such future day as the Court may order. Upon the hearing, the Court shall examine into the claim and hear the allegations and proofs. If the Court finds that the claimant is entitled to any money transferred pursuant to subsection 1 to the Judicial Retirement Fund, it shall order the Board to pay the money forthwith to the claimant, but without interest or cost to the Board.


All persons, except minors and persons of unsound mind, who fail to appear and file their petitions within the time limited in subsection 2 are forever barred. Minors and persons of unsound mind may appear and file their petitions at any time within 5 years after their respective disabilities are removed.

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