Nevada Crimes and Punishments

Sec. § 193.012
“Break” defined.

“Break,” when used in connection with the crime of burglary, includes:


Breaking or violently detaching any part, internal or external, of a building.


Opening, for the purpose of entering therein, any outer door of a building or of any room, apartment or set of apartments therein separately used and occupied, or any window, shutter, scuttle or other thing used for covering or closing any opening thereto or therein, or which gives passage from one part thereof to another.


Obtaining entrance into such building or apartment by any threat or artifice, used for that purpose, or by collusion with any person therein.


Entering such building, room or apartment by or through any pipe, chimney or other opening, or by excavating or digging through or under a building or the walls or foundation thereof.

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