Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 18.170
Notice of motion for order allowing costs and necessary disbursements; order.

A judgment creditor claiming costs or necessary disbursements reasonably incurred in aid of the collection of a judgment or of any execution issued thereon, other than those specified in NRS 18.160, including items which have been disallowed by the judge in the supplemental proceeding, shall serve the adverse party either personally or by mail, and file, at any time or times not more than 6 months after such item has been incurred and prior to the time the judgment is fully satisfied, a notice of motion for an order allowing the same, specifying the items claimed and the amount thereof, and supported by an affidavit of the party or the party’s attorney or agent stating that to the best of his or her knowledge and belief the items are correct and showing that the costs were reasonable, and the disbursements reasonably and necessarily incurred. The court or judge hearing such motion shall make such order respecting the costs or disbursements so claimed as the circumstances justify, allowing the same in whole or in part, or disallowing the same.

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