Nevada Procedure in Criminal Cases

Sec. § 176.087
Imposition of community service in lieu of fine, administrative assessment, fee or imprisonment or as condition of probation.


Except where the imposition of a specific criminal penalty is mandatory, a court may order a convicted person to perform supervised community service:


In lieu of all or a part of any fine, administrative assessment, fee or imprisonment that may be imposed for the commission of a misdemeanor; or


As a condition of probation granted for another offense.


The community service must be performed for and under the supervising authority of a county, city, town or other political subdivision or agency of the State of Nevada or a charitable organization that renders service to the community or its residents.


The court may require the convicted person to deposit with the court a reasonable sum of money to pay for the cost of policies of insurance against liability for personal injury and damage to property or for industrial insurance, or both, during those periods in which the person performs the community service, unless, in the case of industrial insurance, it is provided by the authority for which the person performs the community service.


The following conditions apply to any such community service imposed by the court:


The court must fix the period of community service that is imposed as punishment or a condition of probation and distribute the period over weekends or over other appropriate times that will allow the convicted person to continue employment and to care for the person’s family. The period of community service fixed by the court must not exceed, for a:


Misdemeanor, 200 hours;


Gross misdemeanor, 600 hours; or


Felony, 1,000 hours.


A supervising authority listed in subsection 2 must agree to accept the convicted person for community service before the court may require the convicted person to perform community service for that supervising authority. The supervising authority must be located in or be the town or city of the convicted person’s residence or, if that placement is not possible, one located within the jurisdiction of the court or, if that placement is not possible, the authority may be located outside the jurisdiction of the court.


Community service that a court requires pursuant to this section must be supervised by an official of the supervising authority or by a person designated by the authority.


The court may require the supervising authority to report periodically to the court or to a probation officer the convicted person’s performance in carrying out the punishment or condition of probation.


For each hour of community service that is performed by a person pursuant to this section, the court must provide a credit of $10 or the amount of the state minimum wage if health insurance is not offered, whichever is greater, toward the payment of any fine that was imposed against the person for the commission of the offense for which the person was ordered to perform community service.
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