Nevada Procedure in Criminal Cases

Sec. § 176.01327
Duties of Executive Director.

The Executive Director appointed pursuant to NRS 176.01323 shall:


Oversee all of the functions of the Department.


Serve as Executive Secretary of the Sentencing Commission without additional compensation.


Report to the Sentencing Commission on sentencing and related issues regarding the functions of the Department and provide such information to the Sentencing Commission as requested.


Assist the Sentencing Commission in determining necessary and appropriate recommendations to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of the Department.


Establish the budget for the Department.


Facilitate the collection and aggregation of data from the courts, Department of Corrections, Division of Parole and Probation of the Department of Public Safety and any other agency of criminal justice.


Identify variables or sets of data concerning criminal justice that are not currently collected or shared across agencies of criminal justice within this State.


Assist in preparing and submitting the comprehensive report required to be prepared by the Sentencing Commission pursuant to subsection 11 of NRS 176.0134.


Take any other actions necessary to carry out the powers and duties of the Sentencing Commission pursuant to NRS 176.0131 to 176.014, inclusive.
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