Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 17.245
Effect of release or covenant not to sue.


When a release or a covenant not to sue or not to enforce judgment is given in good faith to one of two or more persons liable in tort for the same injury or the same wrongful death:


It does not discharge any of the other tortfeasors from liability for the injury or wrongful death unless its terms so provide, but it reduces the claim against the others to the extent of any amount stipulated by the release or the covenant, or in the amount of the consideration paid for it, whichever is the greater; and


It discharges the tortfeasor to whom it is given from all liability for contribution and for equitable indemnity to any other tortfeasor.


As used in this section, “equitable indemnity” means a right of indemnity that is created by the court rather than expressly provided for in a written agreement.

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