Nevada Guardianships; Conservatorships; Trusts

Sec. § 166.110
Discretion of trustee.


In all cases where the creator of a spendthrift trust shall indicate the sum to be applied for or paid to the beneficiary or shall make the application or payment of sums or further sums for or to the beneficiary discretionary with the trustee, or shall make the amount thereof discretionary with the trustee, or shall give the trustee discretion to pay all or any part of the income to any one or more of the beneficiaries, such discretionary power shall be absolute, whether any valid provision for the accumulation of income is made or not and whether it relates to the income from real or personal property.


Such discretion shall never be interfered with for any consideration of the needs, station in life or mode of life of the beneficiary, or for uncertainty, or on any pretext whatever.


The giving of any such discretion does not invalidate any spendthrift trust.

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