Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 16.020
Depositions of witnesses in case of postponement; actions involving title to mining claims.


The party obtaining the postponement of a trial shall also, if required by the adverse party, consent that the testimony of any witness of such adverse party who is in attendance be then taken by deposition before a judge or clerk of the court in which the case is pending, or before such notary public as the court may indicate, which shall accordingly be done, and the testimony so taken may be read on the trial, with the same effect, and subject to the same objections, as if the witness were produced.


In actions involving the title to mining claims, if it be made to appear to the satisfaction of the court that in order that justice may be done, and the action fairly tried on its real merits, it is necessary that further development should be made, and that the party applying has been guilty of no laches and is acting in good faith, the court shall grant the postponement of the trial of the action, giving the party a reasonable time in which to prepare for trial. And in granting such postponement, the court may, in its discretion, annex as a condition thereto an order that the party obtaining such postponement shall not, pending the trial of the action, remove from the premises in controversy any valuable earth or ore, and for any violation of an order so made, the court or the judge thereof may punish for contempt, as in the cases of violation of an order of injunction, and may also vacate the order of postponement.

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