Nevada Guardianships; Conservatorships; Trusts

Sec. § 159.181
Hearing of account.


Any interested person may appear at the hearing and object to the account or file written objections to the account prior to the hearing.


If there are no objections to the account or if the court overrules any objections, the court may enter an order allowing and confirming the account.


Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the order settling and allowing the account is a final order and is conclusive against all persons interested in the guardianship proceeding, including, without limitation, heirs and assigns. The order is not final against a protected person who requests an examination of any account after the legal disability of the protected person is removed.


If the court finds that an interested person who objected to the account did not object in good faith or in furtherance of the best interests of the protected person, the court may order the interested person to pay to the estate of the protected person all or part of the expenses associated with the objection.

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