Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 150.070
Liability of personal representative; accounting required for property sold over inventoried value.


A personal representative is accountable for the whole estate that comes into the possession of the personal representative at the value of the appraisement contained in the inventory, except as otherwise provided in this title, and for all the interest, profit and income of the estate.


A personal representative is not accountable for any debts due the decedent that remain uncollected without his or her fault.


A personal representative shall not make profit by the increase nor suffer loss by the decrease or destruction of any part of the estate without his or her fault. The personal representative shall account for the excess when any part of the estate is sold for more than the inventoried value and, if any assets are sold for less than that value, the personal representative is not responsible for the loss if the sale has been made according to law.

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