NRS 125B.210
Order for deposit of assets with trustee

  • duties of trustee
  • reimbursement of administrative costs.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 125B.230, if, in any proceeding where the court has ordered a parent to pay for the support of a minor child:


A declaration is signed under penalty of perjury by the person to whom support has been ordered to have been paid stating that the obligor-parent is in arrears in payment in a sum equal to or greater than the amount of 30 days of payments;


Notice and opportunity for hearing on an application to the court, an order to show cause, or a notice of motion has been given to the obligor-parent; and


The court makes a finding that good cause has been shown and that there exists one or more of the conditions set forth in NRS 125B.240,
Ê the court shall issue to the obligor-parent an order requiring the obligor-parent to deposit assets to secure future payments of support with a trustee designated by the court and to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and costs to the person to whom support has been ordered. The court may designate the district attorney, another county officer or any other person as trustee.


Upon receipt of the assets, the trustee designated by the court to receive the assets shall use the money or sell or otherwise generate income from the deposited assets for an amount sufficient to pay the arrearage, administrative costs, any amount currently due pursuant to an order of the court for the care, support, education and maintenance of the minor child, interest upon the arrearage, and attorney’s fees, if:


The obligor-parent fails, within the time specified by the court, to cure the default in the payment of the support of a child due at the time the trustee receives the deposited assets, or fails to comply with a plan for payment approved by the court;


Further arrears in payments accrue after the trustee receives the deposited assets, or the arrearage specified in the declaration is not paid current within any 30-day period following the trustee’s receipt of the assets;


No fewer than 25 days before the sale or use of the assets, written notice of the trustee’s intent to sell or use the assets is served personally on the obligor-parent or is mailed to the obligor-parent by certified mail, return receipt requested; and


A motion or order to show cause has not been filed to stop the use or sale, or if filed, has been denied by the court.
Ê The sale of assets must be conducted in accordance with the provisions set forth in NRS 21.130 to 21.260, inclusive, governing the sale of property under execution.


To cover the administrative costs of the trustee, the trustee may deduct from the deposited money all actual costs incurred in a sale and 5 percent of each payment made pursuant to subsection 2.

Source: Section 125B.210 — Order for deposit of assets with trustee; duties of trustee; reimbursement of administrative costs., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-125B.­html#NRS125BSec210.

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