Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 12.120
Unknown heirs to real property may be made parties; allegations and proof that names and residences of heirs are unknown.


In any action in which the title to real property situate in this state is involved in which the heir or heirs, or any thereof, of a deceased person may be necessary or proper party or parties defendant and the name or names and place or places of residence of which heir or heirs are unknown to the plaintiff or plaintiffs, such heir or heirs may be made a party or parties defendant by being described in the complaint and summons as the unknown heir or heirs of such deceased person, giving the name and last place of residence of such deceased person, with any further description that may be necessary to reasonably identify the deceased person.


In any such action the plaintiff or plaintiffs shall allege in the complaint, and prove at the trial, that diligent search and inquiry have been made by or in behalf of the plaintiff or plaintiffs to ascertain the name or names, and place or places of residence of such heir or heirs, without success, and that the same are and remain unknown to the plaintiff or plaintiffs.

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