Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 117.070
Assessment liens: Recording of notice of assessment; priority and expiration of lien; enforcement by sale.


A reasonable assessment upon any condominium made in accordance with a recorded declaration of restrictions permitted by NRS 117.060 shall be a debt of the owner thereof at the time the assessment is made. The amount of any such assessment plus any other charges thereon, such as interest, costs (including attorneys’ fees), and penalties, as such may be provided for in the declaration of restrictions, shall be and become a lien upon the condominium assessed when the management body causes to be recorded with the county recorder of the county in which such condominium is located a notice of assessment, which shall state:


The amount of such assessment and such other charges thereon as may be authorized by the declaration of restrictions;


A description of the condominium against which the same has been assessed; and


The name of the record owner thereof.
Ê Such notice shall be signed by an authorized representative of the management body or as otherwise provided in the declaration of restrictions. Upon payment of the assessment and charges in connection with which such notice has been so recorded, or other satisfaction thereof, the management body shall cause to be recorded a further notice stating the satisfaction and the release of the lien thereof.


Such lien shall be prior to all other liens recorded subsequent to the recordation of the notice of assessment except that the declaration of restrictions may provide for the subordination thereof to any other liens and encumbrances. Unless sooner satisfied and released or the enforcement thereof initiated as provided in subsection 3, such lien shall expire and be of no further force or effect 1 year from the date of recordation of the notice of assessment, but the 1-year period may be extended by the management body for not to exceed 1 additional year by recording a written extension thereof.


Such lien may be enforced by sale by the management body, its agent or attorney, after failure of the owner to pay such an assessment in accordance with the terms of the declaration of restrictions. The sale shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Covenants Nos. 6, 7 and 8 of NRS 107.030, and NRS 107.090 insofar as they are consistent with the provisions of NRS 117.075, or in any other manner permitted by law. Unless otherwise provided in the declaration of restrictions, the management body, if it is a corporation, cooperative association, partnership or natural person, shall have power to bid in the condominium at foreclosure sale and to hold, lease, mortgage and convey the same.

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