NRS 116B.495
Rules of association.

The rules adopted by an association, if any:


Must be reasonably related to the duties of the association.


Must be sufficiently explicit in their prohibition, direction or limitation to inform a person of any action or omission required for compliance.


Must not be adopted to evade any obligation of the association.


Must be consistent with the governing documents of the association and must not arbitrarily restrict conduct or require the construction of any capital improvement by a unit’s owner that is not required by the governing documents of the association.


Must be uniformly enforced under the same or similar circumstances against all units’ owners. Any rule that is not so uniformly enforced may not be enforced against any unit’s owner.


May be enforced by the association through the imposition of a fine only if the association complies with the requirements set forth in NRS 116B.430 for levying fines.


Must not attempt to exercise any control over the shared components or the hotel unit.

Source: Section 116B.495 — Rules of association., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-116B.­html#NRS116BSec495.

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