NRS 108.887
Lien of producer.


In addition to all other rights and remedies which are provided by law, a producer that delivers or sells a farm product which is grown by the producer to a processor pursuant to a contract, express or implied, has a lien for the labor, care and expense in growing and harvesting the farm product upon:


The farm product;


The processed farm product derived from the farm product; and


The proceeds of a sale of the farm product or the processed farm product.


A lien on a farm product, processed farm product, or proceeds from the sale of a farm product or processed farm product extends to an amount of the farm product, processed farm product or proceeds equal in value to the agreed price or an agreed method for determining the price for the farm product. For purposes of determining the extent of the lien, the value of the farm product is the market value of the farm product on the date of delivery of the farm product to the processor.


Any portion of the farm product, processed farm product or proceeds in excess of the amount necessary to satisfy the total amount owed to a producer pursuant to a contract is free of the lien provided by this section.

Source: Section 108.887 — Lien of producer., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-108.­html#NRS108Sec887.

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