NRS 107A.290
Notification to tenant: Form.

No particular phrasing is required for the notification specified in NRS 107A.280. However, the following form of notification, when properly completed, is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of NRS 107A.280:
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Tenant: ____________________________________________________
Name of Tenant
[Text not available]
Property Occupied by Tenant (the “Premises”): ______________________
[Text not available]
Landlord: ___________________________________________________
Name of Landlord
[Text not available]
Assignee: ___________________________________________________
Name of Assignee
[Text not available]
Address of Assignee and Telephone Number of Contact Person:
[Text not available]
Address of Assignee
[Text not available]
Telephone Number of Person to Contact
[Text not available]


The Assignee named above has become the person entitled to collect your rents on the Premises listed above under ____________________ (name of document) (the “Assignment of Rents”) dated __________ (date), and recorded at _______________ (recording data) in the ____________________ (appropriate governmental office under NRS 111.310 to 111.3655, inclusive). You may obtain additional information about the Assignment of Rents and the Assignee’s right to enforce it at the address listed above.


The Landlord is in default under the Assignment of Rents. Under the Assignment of Rents, the Assignee is entitled to collect rents from the Premises.


This notification affects your rights and obligations under the agreement under which you occupy the Premises (your “Agreement”). In order to provide you with an opportunity to consult with a lawyer, if your next scheduled rental payment is due within 30 days after you receive this notification, neither the Assignee nor the Landlord can hold you in default under your Agreement for nonpayment of that rental payment until 10 days after the due date of that payment or 30 days following the date you receive this notification, whichever occurs first. You may consult a lawyer at your expense concerning your rights and obligations under your Agreement and the effect of this notification.


You must pay to the Assignee at the address listed above all rents under your Agreement which are due and payable on the date you receive this notification and all rents accruing under your Agreement after you receive this notification. If you pay rents to the Assignee after receiving this notification, the payment will satisfy your rental obligation to the extent of that payment.


Unless you occupy the Premises as your primary residence, if you pay any rents to the Landlord after receiving this notification, your payment to the Landlord will not discharge your rental obligation, and the Assignee may hold you liable for that rental obligation notwithstanding your payment to the Landlord.


If you have previously received a notification from another person that also holds an assignment of the rents due under your Agreement, you should continue paying your rents to the person that sent that notification until that person cancels that notification. Once that notification is cancelled, you must begin paying rents to the Assignee in accordance with this notification.


Your obligation to pay rents to the Assignee will continue until you receive either:


A written order from a court directing you to pay the rent in a manner specified in that order; or


Written instructions from the Assignee cancelling this notification.
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Name of Assignee
By: ________________________________________________________
Officer/Authorized Agent of Assignee
[Text not available]

Source: Section 107A.290 — Notification to tenant: Form., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-107A.­html#NRS107ASec290.

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