Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1.530
Committee to advise Court Administrator regarding regulations relating to certification or registration of interpreters.


The Chief Justice shall appoint, from a list of recommendations submitted to the Chief Justice by the Court Administrator, a committee to advise the Court Administrator regarding adoption of regulations pursuant to NRS 1.510 and 1.520. The committee must consist of:


A district judge;


A justice of the peace or municipal judge in a county whose population is less than 100,000;


An administrator of a district court;


An administrator of a justice court or municipal court in a county whose population is less than 100,000;


A representative of the Nevada System of Higher Education;


A representative of a nonprofit organization for persons who speak a language other than English; and


A person certified to act as an interpreter for a federal court.


The Court Administrator is ex officio chair of the committee.


Members of the committee shall serve in that capacity without any additional compensation.

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