Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1.4663
Appointment of investigator; designation of special counsel; conduct, scope and written report of investigation.


If the Commission determines pursuant to NRS 1.4657 that a complaint alleges objectively verifiable evidence from which a reasonable inference could be drawn that a judge committed misconduct or is incapacitated, the Commission shall assign or appoint an investigator to conduct an investigation to determine whether the allegations have merit. The Commission may designate special counsel at any time after a complaint is filed with the Commission pursuant to NRS 1.4655.


Such an investigation must be conducted in accordance with procedural rules adopted by the Commission and may extend to any matter that is, in the determination of the Commission, reasonably related to an allegation of misconduct or incapacity contained in the complaint.


An investigator assigned or appointed by the Commission to conduct an investigation pursuant to this section may, for the purpose of investigation, compel by subpoena on behalf of the Commission the attendance of witnesses and the production of necessary materials as set forth in NRS 1.466.


At the conclusion of the investigation, the investigator shall prepare a written report of the investigation for review by the Commission.

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