Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1.440
Jurisdiction of Commission over judges; filing of complaint or action relating to proceeding of Commission; appointment of justices of the peace and municipal judges to Commission.


The Commission has exclusive jurisdiction over the public censure, removal, involuntary retirement and other discipline of judges which is coextensive with its jurisdiction over justices of the Supreme Court and must be exercised in the same manner and under the same rules.


Any complaint or action, including, without limitation, an interlocutory action or appeal, filed in connection with any proceeding of the Commission must be filed in the Supreme Court. Any such complaint or action filed in a court other than the Supreme Court shall be presumed to be frivolous and intended solely for the purposes of delay.


The Supreme Court shall appoint two justices of the peace and two municipal judges to sit on the Commission for formal, public proceedings against a justice of the peace or a municipal judge, respectively. Justices of the peace and municipal judges so appointed must be designated by an order of the Supreme Court to sit for such proceedings in place of and to serve for the same terms as the regular members of the Commission appointed by the Supreme Court.

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