Chapter 466 Horse Racing


Fee for license; exemptions.
Tax on conducting racing with pari-mutuel wagering; distribution of portion of pari-mutuel money as purses; exceptions.
Licensing and supervision of certain meetings and races at which pari-mutuel wagering will be conducted; fees.
Awarding of dates for racing; limitations.
Issuance of license; licensee subject to regulations and disciplinary action.
Limitation on commissions deducted by licensee from pari-mutuel wagering; other deductions in paying bets.
Place for conducting and public viewing of wagering.
Wagering outside enclosure or licensed establishment prohibited.
Limitation on wager by agent; off-track wagering by agent prohibited.
Redemption of outstanding pari-mutuel tickets.
Charity day: Limitation on number of days in one meet.
Regulations of Commission; licensing of participants in racing.
Renewal of license as participant in racing: Application to include information relating to state business license; denial of renewal for unpaid debt assigned to State Controller for collection.
Payment of child support: Statement by applicant for license; grounds for denial of license; duty of Commission.
Suspension of license for failure to pay child support or comply with certain subpoenas or warrants; reinstatement of license.
Application for license to include social security number of applicant.
Powers of Board and Commission.
Report to Commission by licensee of receipts and disbursements.
Impossibility, impracticability or inadvisability of holding meet; return of fees to licensee.
Regulation of racing by local governments prohibited.
Unlawful use of electrical device or appliance to alter speed of racing animal; penalty.
Prohibited acts; penalties.
Bond or deposit required; exemptions.