NRS 483.912
Administration of driving skills test by person or agency other than Department

  • credit for passing test.


The Department may authorize any person, including an agency of this or another state, or a department, agency or instrumentality of local government to administer any driving skills test required by the provisions of NRS 483.900 to 483.940, inclusive, or by regulations adopted by the Department pursuant to the provisions of NRS 483.908, if:


The test is the same as that which would otherwise be administered by the Department; and


That person has entered into an agreement with the Department which includes provisions that:


Allow the United States Federal Highway Administration, its representative or the Department to conduct random examinations, inspections and audits without prior notice;


Require the Department to conduct on-site inspections not less than annually;


Require all examiners used by that person to meet the same qualification and training standards established in regulations adopted by the Department for examiners employed by the Department to give driving skills tests in commercial motor vehicles;


Require that, not less than annually, employees of the Department take the tests administered by that person as if they were actual applicants or that the State retest a sample of drivers who were examined by that person and compare the passage rates; and


Reserve to the Department the right to take prompt and appropriate remedial action against that person if the person fails to comply with any standard of this State or the Federal Government relating to the tests required for a commercial driver’s license or with any term of the agreement.


An applicant for a commercial driver’s license who passes a driving skills test administered pursuant to subsection 1 must provide evidence of that fact to the Department to receive credit for having passed that test.

Source: Section 483.912 — Administration of driving skills test by person or agency other than Department; credit for passing test., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-483.­html#NRS483Sec912.

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Jun. 24, 2021

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