NRS 483.473
Establishment of uniform system of demerit points

  • schedule of demerits
  • assessment of points.


As used in this section, “traffic violation” means conviction of a moving traffic violation in any municipal court, justice court or district court in this State. The term includes a finding by a juvenile court that a child has violated a traffic law or ordinance other than one governing standing or parking. The term does not include a conviction or a finding by a juvenile court of a violation of the speed limit posted by a public authority under the circumstances described in subsection 1 of NRS 484B.617.


The Department shall establish a uniform system of demerit points for various traffic violations occurring within this State affecting the driving privilege of any person who holds a driver’s license issued by the Department and persons deemed to have future driving privileges pursuant to NRS 483.447. The system must be based on the accumulation of demerits during a period of 12 months.


The system must be uniform in its operation, and the Department shall set up a schedule of demerits for each traffic violation, depending upon the gravity of the violation, on a scale of one demerit point for a minor violation of any traffic law to eight demerit points for an extremely serious violation of the law governing traffic violations. If a conviction of two or more traffic violations committed on a single occasion is obtained, points must be assessed for one offense, and if the point values differ, points must be assessed for the offense having the greater point value. Details of the violation must be submitted to the Department by the court where the conviction is obtained. The Department may provide for a graduated system of demerits within each category of violations according to the extent to which the traffic law was violated.

Source: Section 483.473 — Establishment of uniform system of demerit points; schedule of demerits; assessment of points., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-483.­html#NRS483Sec473.

Authority of Department to cancel license.
Suspension or revocation of privilege of nonresident
Suspension or revocation of license or privilege upon conviction in another state.
Suspension of license for failure to satisfy arrearage in payment of support for child
Suspension or revocation of license of member of Armed Forces.
Future driving privileges: Deemed possession by unlicensed driver who operates vehicle in Nevada.
Future driving privileges: Demerit points
Conviction of offense making revocation of license mandatory: Department to adopt regulations prescribing recordation of conviction
Mandatory revocation of license, permit or privilege to drive
Mandatory suspension of license of person less than 21 years of age if test shows concentration of alcohol of 0.02 or more but less than 0.10 in blood or breath
Test indicating person less than 21 years of age has concentration of alcohol of 0.02 or more but less than 0.10 in blood or breath
Mandatory suspension of license when person violates promise to appear pursuant to citation: Notice
Grounds for discretionary suspension of license
Establishment of uniform system of demerit points
Demerit points: Cancellation for successful completion of course of traffic safety
Attendance at school for training drivers upon suspension.
Department may require examination before suspension or revocation of license
Tests and other requirements for reinstatement of license
Surrender and reissuance of license upon suspension or revocation.
Voluntary surrender of license
Operation in this State under foreign license during suspension or revocation prohibited.
Judicial review.
Proof of financial responsibility required for restoration of revoked license, permit or privilege
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