NRS 452.180
Misrepresentations concerning endowment care fund

  • penalties
  • investigation by Administrator
  • applicability.


It is unlawful for a cemetery authority, its officers, employees or agents, or a seller or agent certified or licensed pursuant to NRS 689.450 to 689.595, inclusive, to represent that an endowment care fund or any other fund set up for maintaining care is perpetual or permanent, or to sell, offer for sale or advertise any plot under representation that the plot is under endowment care, before an endowment care fund has been established for the cemetery in which the plot is situated. Any person violating any of the provisions of NRS 452.050 to 452.180, inclusive, is personally liable for all damages resulting to any person by reason of such violation, and upon conviction thereof is guilty of a misdemeanor.


The Administrator, for the purpose of ascertaining the assets, conditions and affairs of any endowment care cemetery, may examine the books, records, documents and assets of any endowment care cemetery operating, or being organized to operate as such a cemetery, in the State of Nevada, and may make whatever other investigations as may be necessary to determine that the cemetery is complying fully with the provisions of NRS 452.050 to 452.180, inclusive.


If, after an examination or investigation, the Administrator has just cause to believe that a cemetery granted a permit under the provisions of NRS 452.050 to 452.180, inclusive, has failed to comply with the provisions and requirements of NRS 452.050 to 452.180, inclusive, and any regulations adopted thereunder, the Administrator may, after due notice and hearing, if the Administrator finds that the cemetery authority has violated those requirements or regulations, revoke or refuse to renew the permit of that cemetery authority and refer the violation to the Attorney General to determine if further action should be taken under subsection 1.


The provisions of NRS 679B.230 to 679B.300, inclusive, apply to any examination conducted under this section. Unless the context requires that a provision apply only to insurers, any reference in those sections to “insurer” must be replaced by a reference to “cemetery authority” or the person being examined.

Source: Section 452.180 — Misrepresentations concerning endowment care fund; penalties; investigation by Administrator; applicability., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-452.­html#NRS452Sec180.

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