Nevada Public Welfare

Sec. § 432A.024
“Child care facility” defined.


“Child care facility” means:


An establishment operated and maintained for the purpose of furnishing care on a temporary or permanent basis, during the day or overnight, to five or more children under 18 years of age, if compensation is received for the care of any of those children;


An on-site child care facility;


A child care institution; or


An outdoor youth program.


“Child care facility” does not include:


The home of a natural parent or guardian, foster home as defined in NRS 424.014 or maternity home;


A home in which the only children received, cared for and maintained are related within the third degree of consanguinity or affinity by blood, adoption or marriage to the person operating the facility;


A home in which a person provides care for the children of a friend or neighbor for not more than 4 weeks if the person who provides the care does not regularly engage in that activity;


A location at which an out-of-school-time program is operated;


A seasonal or temporary recreation program; or


An out-of-school recreation program.

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Feb. 5, 2021