NRS 388A.411
Count of pupils for apportionment

  • deposit of money
  • solicitation and acceptance of donations and grants.


Each pupil who is enrolled in a charter school, including, without limitation, a pupil who is enrolled in a program of special education in a charter school, must be included in the count of pupils in the school district for the purposes of apportionments and allowances from the State Distributive School Account pursuant to NRS 387.121 to 387.1245, inclusive, unless the pupil is exempt from compulsory attendance pursuant to NRS 392.070. A charter school is entitled to receive its proportionate share of any other money available from federal, state or local sources that the school or the pupils who are enrolled in the school are eligible to receive.


The State Board shall prescribe a process which ensures that all charter schools, regardless of the sponsor, have information about all sources of funding for the public schools provided through the Department, including local funds pursuant to NRS 387.163.


All money received by the charter school from this State or from the board of trustees of a school district must be deposited in an account with a bank, credit union or other financial institution in this State. The governing body of a charter school may negotiate with the board of trustees of the school district and the State Board for additional money to pay for services which the governing body wishes to offer.


The governing body of a charter school may solicit and accept donations, money, grants, property, loans, personal services or other assistance for purposes relating to education from members of the general public, corporations or agencies. The governing body may comply with applicable federal laws and regulations governing the provision of federal grants for charter schools. The State Public Charter School Authority may assist a charter school that operates exclusively for the enrollment of pupils who receive special education in identifying sources of money that may be available from the Federal Government or this State for the provision of educational programs and services to such pupils.

Source: Section 388A.411 — Count of pupils for apportionment; deposit of money; solicitation and acceptance of donations and grants., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-388A.­html#NRS388ASec411.

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